How WitBlox with more than 150K children became India’s best robotics learning app? Let’s find out

Albert Einstein once said “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need the experience to gain wisdom.”

Do we really understand what exactly he wanted to mean by saying so?

Experiential learning will play a much bigger role in bringing up future generations. Parents, educators and learners who realise the importance of experiential learning are shifting to such platforms or resources who believe and are working on similar lines. One of the names that often comes when we talk about experiencial learning is WitBlox. There is an added factor why it is so special. WitBlox creates an enviorment for a child to innovate and learn from it. This is probabaly the best form of learning that a child can receive and it also gives us an idea about the future of education. WitBlox is a learning tool designed for children to make them think, look for solutions — logically and scientifically. When children involve in project making with WitBlox they experience critical thinking, they also behave rationally and creatively to come to a solution. Simplifying electronics and modular robotics, WitBlox is a tinkering school where children of age 8 and above can play along while building hundreds of electronic projects on a daily basis.

So what is Witblox?

A video explaining what is WitBlox in Hindi

The bigger picture

Future, as we perceive is all about technology and artificial intelligence. As adults, as parents, teachers and mentors we must make sure that we expose children to the science of electronics.

But electronics has its pros and cons. Children and their fascination towards electronics in not hidden. They want to do something and they have great ideas too. But electronics for children was never thought of well. We never thought that children can actively take part in electrical innovations. WitBlox — a 100 per cent made in India product, a learning tool rather — gave a chance to the children of this country to not only interact but innovate new electronic projects on daily basis. Something which was considered impossible is now happening.

Today, WitBlox is a global community of thousands of makers from all over, interacting and innovating for the future. The WitBlox team is extremely happy to see how they have brought in a change that was once considered fiction. A change that is empowering the children of our county.




Do what you are not meant for.

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Sourav Dutta

Sourav Dutta

Do what you are not meant for.

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