Let’s discuss the man-made wave of covid on its first birthday. Shall we?

Let’s discuss,

Around the world, the news of a new wave of covid is spreading like a wildfire. Media houses, big and small all over are busy fanning as they will get more reads, TRPs which will generate more money for them. It all started with the ‘wave’. Remember? So let’s analyse the wave. But before I start, I must admit that I do believe that there is a virus, which we have named as covid, and recently celebrated its birthday or the first anniversary, as you want to call it, across the world.

The wave? Breaking the bad

The virus is not a flock of sheep or swarm of bees that we can see it coming. Hence the word ‘wave’ is not literally appropriate. Now, let's say its a metaphor, used with respect to the increasing rate of positive cases. Cases are not apples that grow on trees and you just count them to decide its yield, nor it is like a wintery night that you can feel and say, oh! today it's colder than yesterday. Rising positive cases is a man-made effort. Which means less effort will give you minimum results, more effort will give you more results. So the wave is man-made in some sense. Now let’s consider you don't believe in this.

Consider another possibility, which is that the average positive cases are increasing say, for example, it was previously 2 positive cases per 10 tests, now it is up by 5 or 6 per 10 tests. It merely means that they have the virus in them. Though even the tests are not 100% accurate in many cases, for this particular discussion, let's consider the tests are full proof & they are 100% accurate. People with positive test results may have no symptoms. So they can simply follow the protocol and stay away from others. This process can be done without making any noise on a daily basis. We can also plan serious actions if those positive people fail to follow the rules. So if people are tested positive but they don't have any symptoms then we must not call it a ‘wave’. But if you carefully take a look around, all our sources of knowledge & information is making too much noise on this positive/negative test results. And most importantly, if we are still calling this as wave then I think we need to relearn ‘common sense’. Below are two graphical representation of recent cases in India and recent deaths in India. Both are going down now. So where is the wave? Please name a few people who have this extraordinary vision of seeing ‘waves’ coming. Since both the graphs are going down, we must rename it as an avalanche. Shall we?

Daily new cases in India
Daily deaths in India

The wave? The big culprits

Few things in life if repeated over & over again it becomes an integral part of our life. We all know that, right? Some big organisations started this ‘wave’ system and the hidden synonym of the wave is ‘fear’, which further down the lane, simply mean death & loss. The mass as a whole is afraid of death & loss. So whenever you hear the wave is coming, you hide, you run. Once you fall into this trap you keep running. It’s called phobophobia, a fear of fears. This is actually more common than you might imagine.

At this point in time you may ask, then what about the rise in hospitalization & deaths? The spike in hospitalization and deaths are two different things. In the case of hospitalization, we must not forget the number of people who recovered and came out from those same hospitals which have high death rates as well. Now coming to deaths, there can be many reasons but not one. From adverse drug effects, condition of the self immune system of the patient, mental stability, willpower, patient’s body condition, organ adaptability. Also please don’t ignore VAP, Ventilator-associated pneumonia. VAP is a major source of increased illness and death. If we use our common sense we must know that there is no medicine yet to treat covid. So the doctors are either following a particular protocol of meds or simply treating multiple symptoms with multiple medicines at once. In both cases, a body which in itself is trying to recover suddenly gets a heavy dose of medication. Rest you may imagine or for your easy understanding, let's consider a person who is working intensely is suddenly introduced to 10 new works which the person has to do simultaneously. Now can you imagine the result?

We need a wave of love. Love for others and love for our own health.

Pointing even 7 billion fingers at covid won’t make a difference. With love, we definitely can't fight covid. But while waiting for an appropriate vaccine for covid we need to learn how to live with love, we have to strengthen our physical & mental health. We are the best keepers of our own body. So let's care for it. Right clothing, food & shelter are 3 most important aspects of a good life. Make sure you know the ‘whats & whys’ of your attire, foods and shelter. Our body is made for working hard. So make sure you do that with full energy & enthusiasm, every day. Let us make sure that the next wave is nothing more than a fiction story which we all can enjoy and laugh out loud.

Kindly note that the above article has no scientific backing. It’s an abstract from an abstract mindset, written with a concerning thought of why we are losing the sense of common sense. We may read all but we must accept only those which answers our intellect because what you see is a true projection of a false medium.




Do what you are not meant for.

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Sourav Dutta

Do what you are not meant for.

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