Loss of common sense and pharma brainwash leading India to rot

The stage can be big enough, the players and the hero can have their influences but every character needs to have its own charm and diversity to mark its presence, to live longer than the other. But imagine a play where all the characters are like a carbon copy of the hero, but they are very good in performance, stage obedience and timing. Would you still consider the group to be remembered? So is our society.

The effects of globalization have a bad side too. It pushes us to think that there is an international leader much brighter, intelligent & powerful enough to save the world single-handedly. The popularity of such figure(s) or sometimes organisation(s) grew faster than ever but also resulted in the fall of national & local ideas, culture and most importantly common sense.

The streets of London & America are much cleaner than the streets of India. Our ancestors knew this very well even before we travel the world, and hence we have a culture of putting water on our feet and wash our hands and sprinkle water on our face, sometimes do a gurgle even, once we enter our house and even someone else’s house.

But we also love to spit on the road, pee on the sidewalls, shit in between the bushes and many more practises which happens only in India. We have much more stray animals moving around the balconies of the Indian roads than in any other country in the world. We have overflowing drains, we have open dustbins where everyone throws their daily waste with much pride. We have stinking potholes, chocked gutters and probably the worst road hygiene in the world. But India still walks in half-naked feet in chappals, if not bare feet.

The initial protocols of Covid, when arrived from the hygiene country, is as follows.

Screenshot from the WHO website

Now take your time and read along with the protocols that our great scientists' team of India carried from the WHO and passed it on blindfolded to a billion Indians. And we just followed, again blindfolded. We left behind the knowledge of thousands of years just like that.

Screenshot from the website of Ministry of Health, India

In India, we probably carry more infection through our feet rather than hand, because we don't shake hands as often as the Americans. The WHO protocols are based according to their culture. Best suited for them to avoid the infection. Unfortunately, the great scientists of India just missed the part of adding things in consideration to Indian hygiene. We not only need to clean our hands but also need to clean out feet, cleaning both are equally important. But we totally missed it. Just like a parrot we did excellent rote learning and spread the words without logic and local modification for the betterment of local health and system.

The world on the other side took the best from us and started practising ‘namaste’ to greet others instead of touching. But we never realised the same and failed terribly. It's been more than a year now and we are still following an immature protocol and failing every day. This is just a part of a whole mistake. Try and think what are the other great misconceptions that we are following blindfolded, every day.

The pharma industry in India is extremely powerful with a very big black market hold & it makes sure that the poor Indians consume what the world throws away. In September 2020 ‘WHO has issued a conditional recommendation against the use of remdesivir in hospitalized patients, regardless of disease severity, as there is currently no evidence that remdesivir improves survival and other outcomes in these patients.’ (read the full statement here)

Screenshot of the heading of the same statement issued by WHO in Sep 2020

As of May 2021, there is not a single medicine in the pharma world that guarantees a cure for this popular virus. All Symptomatic patients are being treated with all kinds of experimental drugs without knowing the consequences of both side & after effects.

It is extremely sad to see a country rich in knowledge in every field is being forced to bow down at the feet of pharma. Citizens are ready to give away all their life’s savings to buy medicines like remdesivir which doesn't work. The entire medical faculty is very much aware of the fact then why the doctors are prescribing remdesivir again & again? On the other hand, the media is reporting that ‘90% of COVID-19 patients who got fake Remdesivir survived’. (read the full report here) We are the players of a circus for the world to watch & laugh at.

Somehow the idea of globalization and the tendency to follow and believe in the unknown is creating all the havoc across a country that is considered to be a pioneer in understanding the body, in & out.

What we need to understand is that a human body doesn't work in a linear way, everybody is unique, the functioning is different, the repair and the management processes are different. But the so-called pharma or western medicine has always tried to invent one pill for all. The worst possible solution one can find.

So what is the solution?

The biggest mistake that we commit in our life is to think that once we finish our school & college we are done with our learning. Our education system on the other hand never teaches us to question things, the heavy load of syllabus kills our curiosity and the demand for numbers & grades are the reasons for the mass murder of our creativity. We love to believe that whoever is the leader is always the right person. Modernization has made us forgot the simplest ways to solve problems with just common sense. Today we Google every problem but we have forgotten that Google is not a search engine anymore rather the world’s biggest advertising agency.

For the solution part, live your life like a human. The faster you go you miss everything in life. Your speed is the reason for your decline. Work on your health with the right food and exercise rather than pills. Stop being idle, lazy and comfortable. Your comfort is the root of your illness. Step out from the western influences as soon as possible, especially the medicine, because when your problems are their business, they will never want them to stop. So if the world stays ill, their businesses will grow.

Remember how I started the blog. So, we are yet to understand the role of every character & its importance.




Do what you are not meant for.

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Sourav Dutta

Sourav Dutta

Do what you are not meant for.

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